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Windows Identity Foundation: Unable to add STS

When using the Windows Identity Foundation and following a tutorial in Vittorio Bertocci’s excellent book ( Programming Windows Identity Foundation ) I discovered a problem with the way that the WIF installs. When you right-click on an ASP .NET project

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BBC Article on Inaccuracies within Latest James Bond

Recently I saw a post about problems within the latest James Bond film. That article can be found here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-20555621. The article itself is fairly tongue in cheek (and an amusing bit of #nerdrage) and I hope that my response will

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Cryptography 101: Encryption, Hashing, Salting and why I should care

Here is a brief run down – or tl;dr of the common security paradigms: Encryption – Encryption is the process of taking a block of data (called plaintext) and transforming it into something that would not be understood. This process

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Further measures in the wake of unofficially “outsourced” jobs

Today an article appeared that has seemed to have gone viral – it was published here. The article referred to an as yet unnamed employee ‘Bob’ who had managed to outsource his job to a software developer in China. It smacked a

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