Ludum Dare 25

If you are here you have probably followed my link from the ludum dare site or from my twitter account. Please find all the details you will need below.

You can follow me on twitter ( @filtoid – specially set up for ludum dare 25) and the address is

You can track the latest build at:

You can even get a copy of the code as it’s checked in. You will need an SVN client (I am using TortoiseSVN for those who are interested). The url is

I am using HTML5 and Javascript to build this and using Buzz.js for the audio. I may also use some php for saving and level loading but I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance for this. If I do use php for some bits then it may fail to work on a desktop but most of it should work straight away – just load the index.html from the svn rep.

I am only supporting the Chrome browser I’m afraid as I don’t really have the time to support things in all the browsers and do proper testing on them – however it most likely will work in Firefox.

For text editing I am using Notepad++. For graphics I am using Paint.NET.

If you wish to contact me with any advice or anything like that twitter will be the fastest way to do this but commenting on my blog posts will be viewed at some point.

Please keep in touch and let me know if you like the game – or if you don’t and definitely let me know if you find anything that’s broken in it.

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