Portfolio – Education

As well as development, I have also been involved with a number of educational programs. Below are just some of the programs that I have run or been involved in.

The TICE program takes students from a variety of schools across the North East, and provides them a basis in a number of different creative areas. I have been involved, since 2015, with the Computer Science subject area (other areas include Fashion, Photography and Music). This involves going in to schools to speak with the students on the first day, the Insight stage and then arranging for the top 50% of students to come out of school for the next two days, the Explore stage. For the final stage the students are supported, over three days, to create projects of their own. Typically they work in groups of 2 or 3 to get started in the Computer Science subject area and hopefully feel inspired to follow a career in the technology sector. Following the Create Stage there is a large final show where all the creative areas come together to showcase the work of the students to parents and industry mentors.

Through Generator, the Ladders program helps young people, aged 18-24, based in the North East, get started in one of three creative areas, Music, Film & TV and Software. I teach the software area and we help get enthusiastic and driven young people started with their digital skills and help show them what is necessary for getting started in this large and huge growth industry. We have run Ladders twice, successfully in Newcastle and it is set to run again in Sunderland in September 2017 and March 2018, and then in Teeside in the 2018/2019 season.

Understanding Code
As part of my commitment to helping people get started in software development I have put together and run several courses under the banner of Understanding Code. This has been in collaboration with Tech For Life. The course, which is run entirely for free at the space generously donated by Campus North. The course typically runs over 7 weeks (with a week’s break in the middle), one night a week. The first three sessions cover HTML, CSS and Javascript, the languages of the web. The last 3 sessions cover an introduction to Python and then a look at how one application of Python is to create a webserver and how the web works. We then create a full stack application to tie all of the knowledge together. The course is supported by mentors who generously give up their time to help others learn.