Portfolio – Development

Below is a list of the work I have been undertaking recently. The list is by no means complete, and is changing all the time. If you would like to get in touch then please feel free to email me on phil@jeffes.co.uk for more information.

Drone Lab
Working with Drone Lab we developed a mechanism for relaying information from drones (such as location or speed) back to a base station. The main part of the code was written in C++ (for Windows) using Visual Studio. More recently we have been using Go to develop a completely automated sensor data collection system. See electrocatstudios.com for more details

GoRaise needed their current site transferring over to a WordPress site. We rebuilt a lot of the functionality and upgraded the backend API (written in Laravel/PHP).

So Post
At So Post my main duties were to maintain and support the infrastructure on AWS. We used Python for support scripts to automate the infrastructure and used Kubernetes to manage the containers at scale. I also helped to develop the newest version of the application (using Elixir).

At Reframed.tv we used Node.js and MongoDB to create a backend application to host YouTube videos allowing comments to be made alongside the video at specific timestamps. This involved Javascript on the front end to interact with the Javascript on the backend (with Node.js). Another notable part of the job was an application which automatically captured tweets with specified keywords in, written in Go.

Websand helps automate marketing emails. By targeting specific segments of your customer base Websand can help to make your marketing emails more effective. My work at Websand inloved using CoffeeScript for the front end and Python (Flask and SQLAlchemy). We used Angular to control the front end SPA and had a battery of tests to control checkins.

And more… (Please get in contact via phil@jeffes.co.uk for more information)