Ludum Dare Post Mortem – Originally published on the Ludum Dare Blog

Below is the post mortem originally published on the Ludum Dare blog. The post-compo code with a few tweaks but not yet finished can be found here:


So this was my first LD and I was really excited about it. I got up pretty early on the Saturday (around 6AM GMT (4-hours in)) and made some good progress. I didn’t want to get too tired because that’s when I make mistakes – particularly the pulling your hair out type coding mistakes.

I hit a real low point just after lunch on the Sunday. I started to get down about it and thought I wouldn’t finish. My original idea had been HUGE and I had been forced to scale it down to the point it was unrecognisable from the original concept. I was struggling to get a suitable end point and I hadn’t made enough rooms or even any enemies – the idea of adding sound to the project was so far away that I just thought I’d be submitting a silent game.

Well I can say that come 1AM (1 hour left – the time I submitted) I was elated. I did make a finish point where the player can actually achieve something – I had recorded and added sound (such as it was) and even made a thumbing synth driven 24-bar sound track (ok well I didn’t say it was perfect).

I would have liked to have applied the polish that the game so severely needs like a menu – the ability to save progress – different music – the full compliment of rooms – sounds that line up better with, for instance the footstep noise. But then the more I think about it the more I begin to realise that I made a game in 48 hours. I find it startling really. In just one weekend I have created something which someone could play and go from the start to the finish and could even fail at.

Thank you Ludum Dare (by which I mean the people who run it and the community behind it) for showing me that 48 hours is actually quite a long time and for showing me how much can be achieved. I’m a little exhausted but wow, what a ride it’s been – filtoid 🙂

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