It took me a week to figure out my app should be free

So I’ve decided to blog about my experiences trying to launch a game on the Windows app store. I wasn’t under any illusion that it was going to be a world breaker but I thought that I might at least break even. I figured that someone might buy my app. However after a week I now see that I was wrong.

I watched this video about Robot Invader that released “Wind-up knight” and “Rise of the Blobs” by Chris Pruett. Chris describes how they were planning on selling on the iOS app and giving away the app for free on Android. This got me thinking about competing with apps like those. The simple fact is I can’t, no-one would pay for my game when they can get better games for free, and they are better than mine.

And so I realised that the app should be free. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t sell a single copy, particularly as I’m £30 odd quid down, but it was probably representative of the large body of knowledge that I still need to gain around marketing and selling in general (I’m very much the first person to admit I’m no expert in that area).

So I will continue to post about what I’ve learned when I’ve learnt it and will continue to look at how to monetise these games and hopefully make back my £30 😉

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