BBC Article on Inaccuracies within Latest James Bond

Recently I saw a post about problems within the latest James Bond film. That article can be found here: The article itself is fairly tongue in cheek (and an amusing bit of #nerdrage) and I hope that my response will be taken in a similar vein.

The author points to the “server room” being noisy. The server room is entirely filled with racks of case-less motherboards so we must assume that the the boards themselves are passively cooled – this in turn would in fact make the room silent (my Raspberry Pi is cooled the same way and makes no noise what-so-ever).

It was a good article – although I’m not sure that accurate representations of my day to day job would be that exciting and because it’s mobile development that would involve a form of graphical interface!

However the author fails to note that not only does the so-called “computer geek” plug an unknown laptop into the main network but he then executes code which he has no idea what it does and every reason to suspect it’s malicious – this is akin to the head of “Cyber-security” (man I really hate that term) clicking on a link to pictures of Anna Kortnikova in the nude. Really what was he expecting to happen!

On top of this let’s hope that when locking away master criminals in the future MI-6 will consider using traditional lock and key to compliment the electronic locks which inexplicably can be opened from a central computer. (I would expect the designer of THAT system to be up on manslaughter charges!)

I urge you to read the BBC article and critique in the same retentive (and tongue in cheek) way on your own blog – I enjoy pedantry in most of it’s forms – put a link in the comments.

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