Month: January 2013

Security Through Obscurity: Why we should give up on it right now

Security through obscurity is the premise by which one seeks to hide the implementation of a system as a way to further secure a system (be it software or hardware that you are seeking to protect). Intuitively this seems like

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The “Geek” is dead…the rise of the “Buzzer”

Ever since somebody first decided that “Geeks” were cool I’ve had to explain what the term actually means to people. People think that being a “Geek” is about slavishly following the goings on of large technology companies (and referring to

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Subversion: How to clear stored password in Win 7

Today I discovered that if you accidentally click the “remember my credentials” checkbox when you have entered the wrong credentials for connecting to a subversion repository that it stores them and tries to use them again and again, never prompting

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iPhone: Delay Calling A Function (Passing a message)

Some posts I write are to cover topics which I have needed before and find myself scrabbling through old code or search engine histories to find. This is one such post and concerns how to call a function asynchronously. In iOS

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BBC Article on Inaccuracies within Latest James Bond

Recently I saw a post about problems within the latest James Bond film. That article can be found here: The article itself is fairly tongue in cheek (and an amusing bit of #nerdrage) and I hope that my response will

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Cryptography 101: Encryption, Hashing, Salting and why I should care

Here is a brief run down – or tl;dr of the common security paradigms: Encryption – Encryption is the process of taking a block of data (called plaintext) and transforming it into something that would not be understood. This process

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Cryptography 101: Why should I care

(For a glossary of terms look here) Many people neglect security as a matter of course these days. But as we move towards a more data driven economy and with everyday life becoming increasingly linked to an online presence we

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Ludum Dare Post Mortem – Originally published on the Ludum Dare Blog

Below is the post mortem originally published on the Ludum Dare blog. The post-compo code with a few tweaks but not yet finished can be found here:   So this was my first LD and I was really excited about

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Further measures in the wake of unofficially “outsourced” jobs

Today an article appeared that has seemed to have gone viral – it was published here. The article referred to an as yet unnamed employee ‘Bob’ who had managed to outsource his job to a software developer in China. It smacked a

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