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Getting CEFSharp to work in WPF using XAML

I had a request for how to get CEFSharp working by calling it straight from XAML. This post assumes that you have read my other post. In order to get the XAML component working you need to add the files

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Using CEF Sharp WPF in Visual Studio Express – Tutorial: First page

I had a few problems trying to find details on how to get started with the CEF sharp project. For those who don’t know CEF is the Chrome Embedded Framework and can be used as an alternative web view control

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Code Club: One Year In – A Response

I am a Code Club leader and have been for one term and I was recently asked to comment on my experiences against the experiences cited in this article by Jamie Bullock (@jamiebullock). I urge you to read Mr Bullock’s

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How mistyping your password could expose data to hackers

We’ve all done it. You sit down bleary eyed at your terminal and tap in your username then instinctively hit tab and type in your password. You hit return before you realise that you didn’t hit tab correctly. The problem

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Response to “You Aren’t Getting Any Better”

I found an article here and it describes how even though you work hard and keep hacking away at new technologies at home that you probably won’t get any better – you’ll never be the uber programmer that you dream to

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Security Through Obscurity: Why we should give up on it right now

Security through obscurity is the premise by which one seeks to hide the implementation of a system as a way to further secure a system (be it software or hardware that you are seeking to protect). Intuitively this seems like

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The “Geek” is dead…the rise of the “Buzzer”

Ever since somebody first decided that “Geeks” were cool I’ve had to explain what the term actually means to people. People think that being a “Geek” is about slavishly following the goings on of large technology companies (and referring to

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Subversion: How to clear stored password in Win 7

Today I discovered that if you accidentally click the “remember my credentials” checkbox when you have entered the wrong credentials for connecting to a subversion repository that it stores them and tries to use them again and again, never prompting

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