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Code Club: One Year In – A Response

I am a Code Club leader and have been for one term and I was recently asked to comment on my experiences against the experiences cited in this article by Jamie Bullock (@jamiebullock). I urge you to read Mr Bullock’s

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It took me a week to figure out my app should be free

So I’ve decided to blog about my experiences trying to launch a game on the Windows app store. I wasn’t under any illusion that it was going to be a world breaker but I thought that I might at least

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Ludum Dare Post Mortem – Originally published on the Ludum Dare Blog

Below is the post mortem originally published on the Ludum Dare blog. The post-compo code with a few tweaks but not yet finished can be found here:   So this was my first LD and I was really excited about

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Tutorial 6: Collision Detection II – Collision Manager

In tutorial 5 (which can be found here). We looked at how to calculate a circular collision field. But this isn’t that practical when we’ve got lots of stuff to check through. We need to have a manager to control

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Tutorial 5: Collision Detection

This is the 5th Tutorial in the pre-ludum dare series that I’ve been putting together. Find tutorial 4 here. This tutorial introduces the concept of collision detection. The zip file with the code in can be found here. The example

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Tutorial 4: Moving Rocket Ship with Graphics

So far up to tutorial 3 we have been using vector graphics. Vector graphics are great and all but what if we could use an image – well the world would be our oyster. The code can be found here and the

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Tutorial 3: Moving Rocket Ship

In tutorial 2 we looked at keyboard input. The problem with the keyboard input, that we looked at, was that it didn’t really translate into a real game mechanic. So in tutorial 3 we’ll look at making a space craft, similar

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Tutorial 2: Moving the Square

In tutorial 1 we looked at code which outlined the game loop with it’s update and draw loops. We looked at the code which produced the rotating square. In this tutorial we are going to explore the possibilities for moving the

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Tutorial 1: Rotating Square

This tutorial is for me to share some basecode which I have written for Ludum Dare 25. The code is free for anyone to use. In fact I would love people to use this code as the basis for a

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Ludum Dare 25

As people are no doubt aware there is a games jam called Ludum Dare. It’s coming up on the 15th and 16th Dec. It’s a competition that runs for 48 hours over which individuals try to create a game from

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