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AWS EC2 /tmp folder or “overflow” partition only 1mb

Had a strange problem while working with EC2. If you run out of space on a linux main partition it appears that instead of dying it uses it’s swan song to create a separate partition for /tmp – this presumably

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Installing PyGame on Raspberry Pi (Quick List)

There are a few dependencies for installing but here is a list which works. The link to the original which I have mostly copied is here: Stack Overflow The full list of instructions below should do it: cd ~ sudo

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Quick Tip: Running multiple copies of an application in OSX

If you want to run multiple copies of an application in OSX (for instance Slack – ie. you are a member of more than one team) then simply open a terminal and put in: open -n /Applications/<nameofapp>.app And that’s it

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Beware: “We don’t have a blame culture – which is good news for Tibor!”

This post is a warning to people who are interviewing for a job and when they ask about the culture they are told how “open and collaborative” of is. Or how it “fosters innovation” but then when you ask about

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BBC Article on Inaccuracies within Latest James Bond

Recently I saw a post about problems within the latest James Bond film. That article can be found here: The article itself is fairly tongue in cheek (and an amusing bit of #nerdrage) and I hope that my response will

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Hello World: My First Post!

This is the opening and very boring post to my new WordPress site. Eventually I hope to cover some of the things that I’ve been doing like music that I’m recording or games that I’m making. Or even just some

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