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AWS EC2 /tmp folder or “overflow” partition only 1mb

Had a strange problem while working with EC2. If you run out of space on a linux main partition it appears that instead of dying it uses it’s swan song to create a separate partition for /tmp – this presumably

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Installing PyGame on Raspberry Pi (Quick List)

There are a few dependencies for installing but here is a list which works. The link to the original which I have mostly copied is here: Stack Overflow The full list of instructions below should do it: cd ~ sudo

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Quick Tip: Running multiple copies of an application in OSX

If you want to run multiple copies of an application in OSX (for instance Slack – ie. you are a member of more than one team) then simply open a terminal and put in: open -n /Applications/<nameofapp>.app And that’s it

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Getting CEFSharp to work in WPF using XAML

I had a request for how to get CEFSharp working by calling it straight from XAML. This post assumes that you have read my other post. In order to get the XAML component working you need to add the files

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Using CEF Sharp WPF in Visual Studio Express – Tutorial: First page

I had a few problems trying to find details on how to get started with the CEF sharp project. For those who don’t know CEF is the Chrome Embedded Framework and can be used as an alternative web view control

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Beware: “We don’t have a blame culture – which is good news for Tibor!”

This post is a warning to people who are interviewing for a job and when they ask about the culture they are told how “open and collaborative” of is. Or how it “fosters innovation” but then when you ask about

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Code Club: One Year In – A Response

I am a Code Club leader and have been for one term and I was recently asked to comment on my experiences against the experiences cited in this article by Jamie Bullock (@jamiebullock). I urge you to read Mr Bullock’s

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Expectations of Professionalism within the NHS

[Before we start: I am not a medical professional I am a software developer – but I have been treated by medical professionals. And this is in the UK] This post isn’t about software or even really about IT. It’s

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It took me a week to figure out my app should be free

So I’ve decided to blog about my experiences trying to launch a game on the Windows app store. I wasn’t under any illusion that it was going to be a world breaker but I thought that I might at least

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How mistyping your password could expose data to hackers

We’ve all done it. You sit down bleary eyed at your terminal and tap in your username then instinctively hit tab and type in your password. You hit return before you realise that you didn’t hit tab correctly. The problem

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