Ludum Dare 27: 10 Second Tower Defence

Your browser does not support the canvas element. I'm afraid I am only supporting Chrome during LD25 - I just don't have time to work through browser specific issues - Filtoid. Try it in other browsers though - it might work.

It's your first day on the job building and maintaining the defences for the city. Unfortunately there is an attack incoming - and 25 waves of increasingly tough enemies (I'm not sure why they aren't all coming at once or sending the toughest people first but this is the way it is!) will be headed your way with a new wave appearing every 10 seconds. You will need to place towers by selecting them from the picture list in the top right then placing them on appropriate locations around the path the enemy will take. If you wish to sell any of the towers you have placed or to restart or upgrade any towers the buttons to do these are in the bottom right corner. Please defend the city - we are counting on you.